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This week, I am excited to be helping my friends over at Micah Challenge South Africa . They are part of a global coalition of Christians holding governments accountable for the Millennium Development Goals to halve extreme poverty by 2015. Each year there is a focus on a specific area and this year’s campaign – Exposed2013 – is about shining a light on corruption. This is a huge problem in our world. But we can do something about it and this campaign gives us ways to be involved in making a difference. Go to the MCSA facebook page for lots more info and opportunities.

I am excited to be running the Shine a Light blog for Micah Challenge South Africa, as well as writing and tweeting on their behalf @Exposed2013SA. I encourage you to follow both of those right now (as well as liking the fb page).


I have been blogging on all subjects on our family’s website for years. However, the time has now come to separate the two. Stewart5 will be things related to family life, and this blog is intended for thoughts on church, ministry, and the like.  I hope it will be a place of conversation and sharing rather than one-way dispensation of ideas. I also believe that questions are best fleshed out in life rather than endless talk without testing. I am excited for what God i stirring in my life and the hearts of many others to be a vibrant, life-changing, and relevant Church!