At church on Sunday, we talked about questions we would like to ask God. It’s a great list. Anyone else out there have these questions? What question would YOU add?

How did you decide who would have what kind of start in life?

Why do some people seem to have more than their share of struggles/problems?

If you are good, why can’t we explain death happening to good, young people?

Why are some people so frightened by death?

How did you decide which talents each person would receive?

God did you (God) get there/here?

Why do answers to prayer seem so random? Do you answer prayers or do we?

Does Christianity actually make sense?

What do you (God) think about women? really.

Since Jesus died and made it possible to go directly to God instead of through a priest, why is it that God doesn’t seem to speak to us audibly?

How much “control” do you have in this broken world?

Is heaven certain?

Is God all-powerful?

Why do some/all people who follow Jesus struggle so much, while so many who don’t follow Jesus seem to be doing fine/better/well?

God, which i right to say: the yolk of the egg are white OR the yolk of the egg is white? Neither – the yolk of the egg is yellow!